— January 16, 2019

Propagating Weak Security Through Copy/Paste

Something I noticed while copy/pasting from the internet

— August 12, 2016

Building a RepRap Snappy 3D printer

For the last few months, I've been building a 3D printer.

— July 10, 2016

Make a third hand

Save some money and make your own third hand

— March 22, 2016

Newbie Software Developer Resume Tips

I've recently had to sift through several dozen resumes. Common mistakes can lose you the job.

— February 3, 2015

New web site

I recently rewrote my web site

— December 1, 2009

LibTPT on GitHub

The LibTPT source repository is now available on GitHub.

— November 8, 2008

Stanza eBook Reader Review for iOS

A few weeks ago, I got around to downloading some books into Stanza on my iPod Touch, and now I consider Stanza a must have App for the iPod Touch or iPhone.

— November 1, 2007

Spaces and Dialogs

The more I use Spaces, the more of a disappointment it turns out to be.

— January 10, 2007

Anyone got a triple-A battery?

The AAA battery in my headphones died, and I found myself in need. Not a AAA battery to be found, but there seemed to be a surplus of 9-volt batteries, so here’s what I did.

— November 27, 2006

More on Reducing Spam

I recently posted some ideas about Reducing Spam. Since then, the gears kept turning and I’ve gotten some more ideas on how make this defensive system a little more proactive...

— November 13, 2006

Reducing Spam

I had a thought today about reducing spam in my inbox...

— August 13, 2006

5430 Aid Station

I volunteered at an aid station for a 13+ mile run in the 5430 triathlon, today. It was my first time.