About Me

I am a Software Engineer, DIYer, and wannabe novelist. I have worked on all types of software systems in a broad range of categories, and started programming as a hobby when I was 12 years old.

I have worked in the storage industry. I have worked on a microchip design tool for a large semiconductor company. I have written code in support of train control center systems, including SCADA and tunnel control. There is a good chance that the train you ride or tunnel you pass through is managed with some of my code. I have coded for management of a globally distributed hierarchical streaming network. I have programmed online databases for a game company. I have worked on contracts for the Air Force and NASA. I helped to write a student record system for a medium size university.

Even though I may be considered a full fledged computer geek, I still found time for friends, amateur astronomy, D&D, video games, singing in my school’s chorus, acting in skits and plays, playing a bit of football, helping out the local cat rescue, and plenty more.

In my spare time, I enjoyed writing open source software, because it gives me a chance to experiment with code, where I cannot experiment at work, it helps me keep my skills tuned, and I find it rewarding when other people find my projects useful for their own needs. I don’t always have the time to address every issue that comes up, but I consider release versions of my open source projects a representation of some of my best work.

 All the header photos on this site are from pictures I took.