Anyone got a triple-A battery?

The AAA battery in my headphones died, and I found myself in need. Not a AAA battery to be found, but there seemed to be a surplus of 9-volt batteries, so here’s what I did.

Remembering something I read a while back about 9-volt batteries having six small cells in them that are a bit smaller than the AAA size, I bust open on of the jewels. Sure enough, six little laminated 1.5 volt cells were packed inside. To make the pictured cell, I peeled away a bit of the lamination on the side of the battery with my pocket knife. I folded over the end of a paper clip using my desk and a book. Then, using scotch tape, I attached the paper clip to the cell, trying to make the cell match the length of a AAA battery. I also made sure the paper clip made contact with the cell where I had removed the lamination. The only thing to note is that the positive and negative ends of the little cell were the reverse of what you’d expect in a normal AAA cell. The capped end was negative rather than positive. I slid this modified cell into my headphones, and it’s been working like a charm for several days now.

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