Pretty much retired

SQLoco is a C++ wrapper for SQL libraries. The goal is to have a simple, uniform interface for accessing any SQL library on any platform that supports standard C++. This early release will focus on MySQL and later on PostgreSQL. Contributors are welcome to add support for other databases, and feedback is welcome.

SQLoco is modeled on the DBI module used with Perl. This is done to simplify learning the SQLoco interface, though there are some differences from the Perl module. This source is released under a BSD style license.

Documentation is a little scarce right now. As usual, this improves as I approach a 1.00 release, so feel free to e-mail me with questions.


  • BSD License
  • Platforms
    • BSD
    • Linux (probably works, but not yet tested)
    • OS X
  • C++ Namespace
    • sqloco
  • Requirements
    • GCC 3.x or standards compliant C++ compiler.
    • A supported SQL server and development libraries.